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Do you need marketing of the 21st century?

Lemuria d.o.o.

Lemuria d.o.o. offers intelligent hologram technology.
About holograms you are just read so far, you heard that there are out somewhere, you might as well see in a movie ... and now they become part of our reality.
We are the first marketing agency in Croatia that offers a complete hologram solutions.

Our services:
Hologram guerilla marketing/PR
Hologram Marketing,
Hologram events,
Hologram reclame (live show-window),
Rent a hologram,
Sales of holographic display,
Creating 3D ads and animations,
Telepresence (distance meetings for the "same table" by hologram presence)

With all of this we also offer and digital marketing.



On this occasion we are free to offer you something completely new in our market.
Holographic window, futuristic form of marketing and communication to your potential customers.
This is about holographic 3D projections on your show-window, whose example you can see in our video.
With our technical capabilities you are raising everything to a higher, as many have said so far, WoW level!
Bring your services and products to life in 3D reality in front of everyone and let them sell themselves!

Hologram events

Take your event to the next level!

Your wish, our command. Well, your budget too ... :-)
That's all you have to tell us, everything else is in our hands. Only imagination is the limit ...

Hologram marketing

Is there anything more WOW?

Just imagine you walking around the city or shoping center, there is everywhere around you commercials of various kinds, and you do not notice anything...
Then, once, something attracts you (you want it or not) to look in that direction and see the "live" advertisement. BANG - HOLOGRAM
Already now as you imagine, you know for yourself that it's the only pay-per-action advertisement at the moment. Is it? :-)

Hologram guerilla marketing

Marketing that strives to shock you! :-)

Guerrilla marketing is the form of marketing strategy that unconventional advertising methods strive to achieve maximum impact.
This is actually a great way to raise brand awareness to targeted users.

Digital Marketing

A powerful tool in your hands!

Do you want to attract your users through various Internet platforms?
Tell us your wishes and we will make an acceptable strategy for your budget.

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Hologram solutions

Follow our activities.

Kutjevo d.d. in Lauba celebrated st. Martin

Client: Kutjevo wines, Croatia

With great production, visual show, exhibited are vintage wines and symbolic vineyard, more than three hundred guests enjoyed the rich gastronomic, cultural and entertainment program, wine tasting young graševina harvest 2019. as well as other wines from the premium line of winery Kutjevo.

King Partner Days 2019, Doboj - BiH

Client: Elta Kabel, Banja Luka - BiH

Another event that couldn't pass without a hologram.
The new era requires new solutions, so whoever wants to rise from the masses seeking innovative ways and chooses holograms.

Radio Vinkovci - Hologram event

Birthday party with holograms, Croatia

Raise your event to the next level with holograms.
Turn your imagination into reality.
On this occasion we thank Radio Vinkovci for their trust.

Holographic advertising - Stara Škrinja

Installed another 3D shop window in city of Sinj

If you want to attract attention to your services and / or products then you need a "live advertising / live shop window".

Saso Fair 2019, Split, Croatia

This year, with three partners on the fair!

With this occasion, thanks to Max Moris from Split, Ben furniture from Split and Stara Škrinja from Sinj.

InMEDIC - Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia

Presentation InMEDIC products and services in Tuheljske Toplice.

Presentation of products and services with two holograms of 65 cm diameter with stands.

Presentation of our hologram solutions - Hotel Park, Split

Organized by Lions Club Split

16.04.2019. at the invitation of our friends from Split's Lions Club we held a brief presentation of the hologram solutions we have in our offer. On this occasion we thank them for the organization, it was great!


Hologram person to welcome your guests / clients

Permanent HIT offer!

Imagine hologram "person" who is always smiling and politely greets your customers / guests?!
...did you?
Now contact us and arrange a meeting.

Advertisements of the 21st Century!

You have plenty of outdated advertising looks and be the same as others?

It is time to step into the 21st century and you will really be noticed. Contact Us Now!

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Do you organize an Event?

New year, concerts, seminars, weddings, commercials,...

Organize your events to be something completely new, completely different from all the previous ones.
For example: you want your dream wedding?! :-)
The limit is just your imagination!


Lemuria d.o.o.

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